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The Dentist enrolls Dentacoin Assurance for free and offers a Smart Contract to his/her Patient. 
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They (negotiate and) agree on the terms - monthly premium amount, payment due date, etc.
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A Smart Contract is automatically created and accessible only by the Dentist and the Patient using their private keys.
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A public proof of the Assurance Smart Contract is stored on IPFF (InterPlanetary File System). 
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Every month, the agreed premium in DCN cryptocurrency is automatically transferred from the Patient’s to the Dentist’s Wallet address.
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The Patient has to visit the Dentist for 3 (three) checkups per year and the individually recommended number of teeth cleanings. 
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To improve at-home oral care, the Patient has to complete at least one 90-day Dentacare App challenge.
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The Dentist provides the essential preventive services and covers occurring treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01What is Dentacoin Assurance?
    Dentacoin Assurance is the first blockchain-based dental assurance program that shifts the focus from treatment to prevention and brings the financial interests of patients and dentists into complete alignment without any intermediaries.

    Patients are entitled to lifelong, preventive dental care against affordable monthly premiums in Dentacoin (DCN) currency.

    Dentists receive a stable basic income while simultaneously establish strong, lasting bonds with their patients.
  • 02How does it work?
    Dentists register on and wait for approval. Once approved, they can create a contract sample and send it to their Patient. The contract sample includes the chosen services to cover, as well as a monthly premium proposal. The Dentist recommends the number of required check-ups and tooth cleanings per year (those prophylaxis visits are always covered by Dentacoin Assurance).

    Patients receive a contract sample via email, register on and agree (or negotiate) on the terms proposed. Once agreed and signed by the Patient, a legally binding Assurance contract in .pdf and a public proof of parts thereof is automatically created.

    Upon the first payment of the Patient, a smart contract is generated as well to handle automatically all future monthly payments in Dentacoin (DCN).

    Patients and Dentists benefit from an intelligent notification and payment system and can step into a smart agreement without any intermediates.

    How it Works: Process Visualization
  • 03Why should a Dentist give up regular insurances and choose Dentacoin Assurance?
    There is no need of that. Dentacoin Assurance does not compete with other public and private health insurance plans. Dentists are free to decide which insurance/ assurance programs to work with. They can either offer Dentacoin Assurance as a complementary plan which will cover/reduce their patients’ out-of-pocket costs or as a stand-alone plan in case other options are not available.

    However, Dentacoin Assurance provides various additional benefits:
    • Focus on prevention and lasting Patient-Dentist relations;
    • Simple plans, easy to understand and follow conditions;
    • No intermediates - direct agreements between a Patient and a Dentist;
    • Affordable premiums;
    • No long approval procedures;
    • Fully automated payment and notification system.
  • 04Are all Patients suitable for Dentacoin Assurance?
    There are no general limitations. However, there are ideal use cases such as:
    • Children - to ensure proper hygiene habits, optimal dental health and long-term relations;
    • Post-treatment - in this case it’s offered as a lifelong guarantee plan;
    • No private insurance - due to the affordable monthly premiums.
  • 01What are the obligations of Dentists and Patients?
    Dentists provide Patients with individualized advice on how to take the best possible care of their teeth, incl. how to form and maintain general dental care habits (through the Dentacare Health Training App), and how often to come for check-up and tooth cleaning.

    Patients are encouraged (and incentivized in DCN) to take responsibility for their own dental health by adopting these recommendations into their daily lives and consistently following them.

    Dentists are obliged to take care of them, only if Patients adhere to these recommendations and pay their monthly premium on a regular base. In this case, Dentacoin Assurance covers all applicable prevention/ treatment costs for the services included in the Assurance plan.

    If the hard conditions in the contract are violated, e.g. a monthly premium is not paid or a patient hasn’t come for check-ups and tooth cleanings, the contract is automatically terminated.
  • 02What services are covered by Dentacoin Assurance?
    Every dentist alone decides which category/categories of services to cover. The recommended number of check-ups/ tooth cleanings are always included in the package.

    General Dentistry:
    • Fillings
    • Caries infiltration
    • Dental sealants for children
    • Root canal treatment
    • Periodontal treatment
    • Tooth extraction

    Cosmetic Dentistry:
    • Composite bonding
    • Porcelain veneers (material & laboratory costs - not covered)
    • Composite veneers (material & laboratory costs - not covered)
    • Inlays & onlays (material & laboratory costs - not covered)
    • Crowns (material & laboratory costs - not covered)
    • Bridges (material & laboratory costs - not covered)
    • Dentures (material & laboratory costs - not covered)

    Implant Dentistry:
    • Implant placement (implants and abutments - not covered)
    • Bone augmentation (bone replacement material - not covered)
  • 03How can a Dentacoin Assurance contract be ended?
    The contract is automatically cancelled if a payment is not made on time. The Dentist has the right to cancel the contract if the Patient does not come for the recommended number of check-ups and tooth cleanings. The Patient can also cancel the contract anytime if s/he is not satisfied with the service provided.
  • 04How does Dentacoin Foundation regulate the agreements?
    We don’t. Dentacoin Assurance is based on direct contracts between Patients and Dentists. Dentacoin Foundation just provides the infrastructure for this to happen more easily.
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